Anupam Guha

Anupam is a computer scientist focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics with a PhD from the University of Maryland. He is deeply interested in and does outreach on the future social, political, and economic implications of AI, especially focusing on both its oppressive and emancipatory potentials for labour. He is affiliated with Arekh Collective, a group of Indian socialists working on the intersection of technology, politics and justice.



Fundacion Ciudadania Inteligente

Ciudadania Inteligente is a Latin America inclusive non- profit feminist organization that seeks to strengthen the democracies of Latin America through the innovative use of technology. Their work seeks to empower citizens, promote electoral participation, curb corruption, promote transparency and accountability, and strengthen emerging activists. Renata Avila is the Director of Ciudadania Inteligente.


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An independent digital media space, Bot Populi examines the digital from a social justice and global south perspective 
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