The Davos Diaries – Miniseries

Listen to all four episodes of The Davos Diaries, the first miniseries on the Bot Populi podcast. Our guests take on the corporate capture of global governance, examine the role of Big Tech in this space, and present ways for civil society to challenge and counter this takeover.

Featuring Barbara Adams, Chee Yoke Ling, Harris Gleckman, Jim Thomas, Parminder Jeet Singh, Renata Avila and Roberto Bissio.

Hosted by: Tanvi Kanchan
Research team: Deepti Bharthur, Amay Korjan & Tanvi Kanchan
Post-production: Tanvi Kanchan, Amay Korjan & Sneha Bhagwat

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Hosted by Yosr Jouini April 25, 2024 | 3 episodes