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Data Sovereignty and Alternative Development Models

Can alternative development models disrupt the asymmetric data economy in Latin America and build a data commons culture? How can data stewardship initiatives made by local communities help ideate such models?

  • Data Stories
October 22 | Article
Why Metaphors for Data Matter

Metaphors shape the way we understand and govern data. It is critical that we develop a metaphor that unshackles the power asymmetries in the current political economy of data.

  • Data Stories
August 13 | Article
Trade Negotiation and the Digital Fight

Transcript of our interview with Jane Kelsey exploring the issues with the new global trade arena, ways to resist them, and how the digital fight is now at the core of the 21st century trade agenda.

  • The Policy Table
June 25 | Article
Should Data Flow Freely Across Borders?

Exploring the question of whether data should flow freely across borders in the context of the 2017 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum.

  • The Policy Table
May 30 | Article