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Data Sovereignty and Alternative Development Models

Can alternative development models disrupt the asymmetric data economy in Latin America and build a data commons culture? How can data stewardship initiatives made by local communities help ideate such models?

  • Data Stories
October 22 | Article
Cyber Safe Girl: How Not to Write a Cyber Safety e-Book

While a  cyber safety booklet can be a helpful resource for survivors of cybercrimes, it is essential for such resources to have an empowerment-based approach to make online spaces not only safe but also accessible for all.

  • Feminist Digitality
March 9 | Article
When an Ageing Society Meets the Digital Divide

As the digital wave sweeps across an ageing society like China, it is essential to consider and address the ageist nature of digital technologies and make them accessible to all.

  • Online Publics
December 3 | Article