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Trade Negotiation and the Digital Fight

Transcript of our interview with Jane Kelsey exploring the issues with the new global trade arena, ways to resist them, and how the digital fight is now at the core of the 21st century trade agenda.

  • The Policy Table
June 25 | Article
Can We Control The Digital Revolution?

Exploring questions around the sustainability of the current trajectory of digitization, international interests and the digital revolution, the US-China struggle for digital domination.

  • Big Tech Watch
  • The Policy Table
June 10 | Article
No Magic Bullets: Reclaiming the Transformatory Potential of e-Commerce for Women’s Empowerment

The hyper-liberalization of digital trade can be more grievous and devastating for women in the Global South than in any other previous round of trade globalization. Developing countries need to come together to hold firmly to the ‘right to regulate’ digital trade, rejecting the dominant policy rhetoric on gender and e-commerce.

  • Feminist Digitality
  • The Policy Table
June 7 | Article