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Transforming Digital Platforms for the People and Planet

Exploring the paradox of social movements utilizing monopolized social media to promote messages of global justice while examining the means by which activists and the larger public can shift to freer and fairer options.

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April 14 | Article
Artificial Intelligence and the Feminist Decolonial Imagination

The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has shown great potential for harm, especially for racialized women, non-binary people, and marginalized groups in the Global South. In such a scenario, how can we decolonize and depatriarchalize AI?

  • Feminist Digitality
March 4 | Article
A Platformed Response to Hate Speech Against Women

Exploring the rampant issue of online sex-based vilification of women and why digital platforms need to appropriately respond to it in ways that meaningfully mitigate its harms.

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January 5 | Article
Protecting Dissent

Exploring how activists create layered safety within unsafe cyberspaces

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  • Online Publics
December 17 | Article