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Fintech Wild West: Whose Duty to Act?

Predatory digital lending apps mushroom across the Indian financial landscape, poking holes in the gilded narrative of fintech innovation.

  • Big Tech Watch
  • The Policy Table
March 28 | Article
Why Metaphors for Data Matter

Metaphors shape the way we understand and govern data. It is critical that we develop a metaphor that unshackles the power asymmetries in the current political economy of data.

  • Data Stories
August 13 | Article
Data Black Magic

In the face of the reductionist economic logic of data, we need alternative imaginaries and metaphors to better understand the relationship between our selves (our bodies, personalities and communities) and the technologies we inhabit.

  • Data Stories
June 6 | Article
Should Data Flow Freely Across Borders?

Exploring the question of whether data should flow freely across borders in the context of the 2017 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum.

  • The Policy Table
May 30 | Article