The World Wide Web, hailed as an ‘unprecendented democratizing force’, turned 30 this year.

As its founder, Tim Berner Lee reflects on the evolution of the Internet, the world grows wary of the many threats the internet poses for democracy.

Even as scientists, techies and philosophers debate the benefits and challenges of the digital world, the gender divide persists. Increasingly, the digital ecosystem has been recognized to amplify the existing faultlines ingrained in our societies.

On an average women are 26% less likely to own smart phones and get online. Aside from access, women, especially in the developing world, face a host of injustices from discrimination and abuse to economic exclusions.

So how do we fight for democracy and it’s marginalized voices?

Watch Nanjira discuss what needs to be done to build a just contract for the world wide web.

Nanjira is Senior Policy Manager at the World Wide Web Foundation. She leads the Web Foundation’s policy advocacy efforts to promote digital equality in access to and use of the web.