In the sixth episode of Feminist Digital Futures, Maya Indira Ganesh joins us to unpack her imagination of a feminist social media and internet. Maya shares her thoughts on how the internet has changed our notion of distance, the ways in which gender is built into the design of online spaces, the fragmentation of identity across social media platforms, how justice needs to be a key part of online governance, and the need to look past existing platforms in our quest for feminist digital futures.

Episode Navigation
00:10: Introduction
00:47: About Maya
03:04: How gender and other identities affect experiences of the online sphere
08:17: Why equal access to and participation in social media is a feminist issue
12:36: Maya’s vision of a feminist social media
15:29: How platform design and governance needs to change, from a feminist and Global South perspective
19:53: Opinions on platform attempts to regulate content
25:26: Conclusion

Maya Indira Ganesh is a tech and digital cultures theorist, researcher, and writer. She works across academia, arts and cultural organisations, and civil society NGOs. She is completing a DPhil that will be awarded by the Cultural Studies Faculty, Leuphana University, L√ľneburg, Germany. Her doctoral research examines the political-economic and discursive shaping of AI and autonomous systems in terms of notions of ‘ethics’ and ‘intelligence’. Prior to this, she worked at the intersection of gender justice and digital activism. Maya lives in Berlin, Germany and on Twitter @mayameme. More about her on her website (

Hosted by: Tanvi Kanchan
Research and conceptualization: Nandini Chami & Tanvi Kanchan
Post-production: Tanvi Kanchan
Podcast artwork by: Harmeet Rahal

This podcast series has been produced as part of the Feminist Digital Justice project, a joint policy research and advocacy initiative of IT for Change and DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era). The series is co-supported by the World Wide Web Foundation.