The second episode of our podcast, Platform Predicament – Making Sense of a Datafied Future of Work, delves into the power that algorithms and data hold, in running this platform model of work. Experts explain how algorithmic management and control by platform apps has major implications for working conditions and worker autonomy, and how workers’ groups, through new-age organizing, are negotiating workers’ rights in this algorithmmified world of work.

Guest Speakers:

  • Shaikh Salauddin (Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers)
  • Basudev Barman (International Transport Workers’ Federation)
  • Spandan Pratyush (All India Gig Workers Union)
  • Gayatri Singh (Senior Advocate)
  • Salonie Hiriyadur (SEWA Cooperative Federation)
  • Uma Rani (International Labour Organisation)

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Hosted by: Sonakshi Agarwal
Concept and Research: Anita Gurumurthy, Nandini Chami, Sonakshi Agarwal, Satyavrat KK, Deepti Bharthur, Sreyan Chatterjee
Editing and post-production: Sonakshi Agarwal, Nikhil Dinakurthi, Rahul Das
Artwork: Mansi Thakkar, Nikhil Dinakurthi
Supported by: Yameena Zaidi, Iznallah
Acknowledgements: This podcast is supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, India Office and the Fair Green Global alliance.