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Artificial Intelligence and the Feminist Decolonial Imagination

The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has shown great potential for harm, especially for racialized women, non-binary people, and marginalized groups in the Global South. In such a scenario, how can we decolonize and depatriarchalize AI?

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March 4 | Article
A Platformed Response to Hate Speech Against Women

Exploring the rampant issue of online sex-based vilification of women and why digital platforms need to appropriately respond to it in ways that meaningfully mitigate its harms.

  • Feminist Digitality
January 5 | Article
Protecting Dissent

Exploring how activists create layered safety within unsafe cyberspaces

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  • Online Publics
December 17 | Article
Rethinking Privacy

Exploring a feminist conceptualization of privacy that builds on the contextual and relational nature of privacy.

  • Feminist Digitality
December 7 | Article