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Platform Capitalism in Murky Financial Waters

Amid the global surge in inflation, massive sell-offs in stock markets, and recurring plunges in the value of many assets in the crypto sphere, what can be said about the future of the digital economy?

  • Big Tech Watch
July 26 | Article
Towards New Labor Futures: Voices from the Frontlines

How has the worker rights movement pushed back against the excesses brought forth by Big Tech? What battles are won, what remain, and what does the future hold? Experts weigh in.

  • Big Tech Watch
April 25 | Article
The Exception Cannot Be Made the Norm

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed and widened existing socioeconomic and political fault lines, it is time we address them.

  • Online Publics
September 16 | Article
Beauty and the Platform Economy

In the platform economy, women in the beauty service industry are falling through the cracks exposed by the pandemic.

  • Feminist Digitality
  • The New Precariat
August 27 | Article