From accumulated victories around the world’s courtrooms, to the growing clamor for stronger regulatory frameworks. From the burgeoning forays towards collective bargaining, to the solidifying of international ties of solidarity and collaboration. Commemorating International Workers’ Day, IT for Change brings together 21 key inputs from the trenches of the labor struggle in the digital economy. They reflect on these developments - as well as on victories on other fronts, the persisting obstacles that still confront these movements, and the points of intervention that hold the most promise going forward.

Drawing on voices from across the globe, including activists, practitioners, scholars, and other experts, this collection of inputs aptly captures the landscape of worker rights struggles today, and points towards what it will take to secure a digital future that centers labor equity and well-being.

Balaji Parthasarathy
Callum Cant
Caroline Khamati Mugalla
Casper Gelderblom
Chinmayi Naik
Christina Colclough
Denise Kasparian & Agustina Súnico
Eduardo Carrillo
Gabriel Casnati
Geraldine de Bastion
James Farrar
Julie Chen
Kriangsak Teerakowitkajorn
Kruskaya Hidalgo
Marina Durano
Mendi Njonjo
Rakhi Sehgal
Samantha Dalal & Danny Spitzberg
The Fairwork Team
Trevi Putri
Uma Rani