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Hello and welcome to Bot Populi! We are an alternative media platform dedicated to looking at all things digital from a social justice and Global South perspective. We aim to meaningfully shape the public discourse on digitalization and prompt important conversations about transformative change for a better digital future.

To this end, we explore how the digital world affects different aspects of our lives in obvious and unexpected ways. Our contributors include passionate and committed scholars, activists, and visionaries from around the world working on issues of digital justice.


In this special EU-focused issue, we bring you three articles covering the breadth of the region’s digital politics. Our first piece tackles the growing unwieldiness of the EU’s ‘twin transitions’ and the acute contradictions that are emerging within them. Our second piece delves into the resurgence of industrial policy in the digital context and cautions against the uncritical ways it is being championed. Finally, looking at the EU’s activity from a Global South perspective, our final piece analyzes the contours of its recent ‘Global Gateway’ initiative.


Engage with our diverse thematic tracks examining various facets of our digital world. We explore labor issues in the digital economy, provide critiques of corporate excess and surveillance capitalism, examine feminist issues in the online sphere, investigate developments in AI and tech policy, and much more.

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